Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tutorial - Cara Reset Router Linksys WRT310n



salam semua.. sekian lama blog ni tak di update dgn tutorial.. kali ni sy ingin berkongsi tutorial cara untuk reset frimware Router Linksys WRT310n.

semalam sy update frimware WRT310n dari version 1 kepada version 2.. setelah update sy dapati router gagal berfungsi seperti biase..


-Power LED on solid

-LAN Ports LED on solid

-Wireless LED off


setelah pelbagai cara sy try and error untuk reset dan install semula frimware v1. akhirnya berjaya..

bagi sesiape yg tersalah update frimware v2 boleh la cuba tutorial ni..

Software to download / install:

-Installed vista TFTP client dari control pannel

-download firmware untuk linksys ( pastikan firmware version 1..!!!! )


Selepas membuat hard reset 30/30/30... ikut steps dibawah...

1. at the dos prompt, ping the router

2. on a different dos prompt, get ready the line: tftp -i put C:\linksysfirmware.bin

3. unplug the router, hold the reset button, hit enter on the tftp prompt, plug in the router and let go of the reset button after 5 seconds

You should see pinging on the other dos prompt, and the tftp screen should be sending the firmware to the modem. It only takes a few seconds.

If you dont get it the first time, just keep trying!

You will have to use the linksys router configuring software to set up the modem again.

The default login is : admin/admin

semoga berjaya..alt

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